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Kevin Kelly aka kevinmjoBack Ground;
The Kelly Family Dad Kevin, Uncle Eric, Son Gary and neighbor Timmy are
headed to claim their inheritance of a farm and general store our in
California in the middle of the depression. Gary 18 has started a ls preteen lolita paysites sexual
relationship with his next door neighbor Timmy. Dad and his Brother Eric are
suspected of having an on going sexual relationship, none are out to each other.
And so we continueIt was the most hectic night of my life that fateful night before we were
headed out to our new inheritance in California. The California Lawyer had
arrange our three tickets to the west for us and the cash transfer was
picked up. We had to arrange for Timmy's ticket on our own. Had his Mom and
dad over to tell them the good new we were letting them live rent free in our
paid for home. We invited all the Neighbors we could in for a pick up
party that night.
We all arrived at the train station with a fine sending off party of
Timmy's family our neighbors and friends. We'd in our rush had not read
the tickets and it was a shock to find that the lawyer had spared no expense
on our tickets. We three were put up in grand style in our own sleeping
car complete with its own small bath room. We'd only put poor Timmy up in a
coach seat but soon rectified that by a bribe to the conductor to allow
Timmy in our private state xxx lolita blow jobs room. All the meals and drinks no less were
included in the long trip from the east to the west coast. Food through being the
least of our problems as the state room was filled with bags of food from
the good Friends.
Dad Kevin was passing around of drinks as the train started to move.
" To us all four" he was saying " This is the beginning of our better life
and a new life in California, May we always be friends to the end"As the merriment was going on amongst us I stole a moment to look around
at the four of us. four strong tall Irishmen. Each an Adonis himself.
Every shade of beautiful blonde hair as was to be had in the spectrum of
Blondes and one if possible handsomer then the other. Sitting there I wondered
what fate had in mind for us four? We knew nothing of farming yet now
owned a farm with no less then six workers. We knew nothing of tending a general
store except as customers. Yet there was this thing lolita rika nishimura nude as yet unspoken among
us. How was that to be played out in the time to come between us? I'd no
doubt in my mind that my Dad and Uncle Eric two handsome longshoremen that
they were had an on going sexual relationship. My own insides still
drenched and dripping Timmy's cum load attested to our sexual relationship. The
sweet promise from Timmy that I would when next we could take his virgin boy
pussy allowed my mind to drift off thinking, would just by the new
closeness of us all mean I'd be having incest one day with dad and my own Uncle?
My thoughts were interrupted when Uncle Eric looked at me and said." Gary you look like your having some good thoughts crossing your mind at
the moment? And what might those good thoughts be?All eyes were on me and I knew I had to have some sort of profound idea to
say to them.
I held my glass up and blurted out with." I just hope we are all going to remain as we are now the best of friends
and totally loyal to each other.
We are headed into a position we know little about with six workers who
know more then it's going to take us lolita rika nishimura nude months or more to learn. We have to be
so we can trust each other all the way."The was a sober silence in the room as I could see each was pondering the
great responsibilities that lay ahead for us all as a team. My dad got up
from his seat and with a serious look said.I've got to tell you Gary and You Timmy that Eric and I may seem to have
put little thought into this whole business but we talked and we thought it
all out. We weighed the pros and the cons of it being the four of us and
not just the three of us. Four other men of different likes and needs might
not be up to this great task but the four of us with our own special needs
and tendencies have an advantage over other men who might have different
needs and desires. This bond will make us all the more stronger."
There was a long silence among us and I was hoping I understood my
Dad and his meaning but still afraid I might be wrong? that thought in mind I
remained silent. I looked to Timmy and he to me and I could see he dare
not comment for the same fears.
Shockingly but also gratefully after that long still silence Eric stood up
and placing his hand around Dad's shoulder and kissing him on the cheek
looked at me and Timmy still seated and smiled saying." The bond Kevin, my Brother here is talking about is stronger even then
what we have as brothers or could ever hope for as friends. We fill each
others needs and desires on every level both spiritual and physical."Dad turned and placed his arm around Eric's shoulder then and kissed him
on the cheek then turning to us as the train swayed saying.My Brother Eric here fills my sexual needs and I fill his sexual needs.
We've been involved in sex and incest since we were young. We know you two
have at least experimented and we hoped that will increase our bond between
the four of us"Timmy looked to me and I to him and before we could even form expression
on our faces or thoughts in our minds Eric added.Eric knelt down between the two of us and looking from Timmy to me said." I'd for one like to see us have a four way relationship but we talked
and if you two want it only to be between the two of you that's fine also."Timmy my handsome reddish blonde ( think strawberry blonde here ) moved
his two arms to my uncle's neck and pulled him into a kiss. I looked up at
my handsome Adonis dad standing there in the car and opened my arms to him
to come hug me and he knelt down between my spread legs and we were kissing
our first incestuous kiss. The Cabin on that train was filled with the
happy excited release of years of pent up desires.
( S )
The two Brothers, Dad and Uncle were acting as of rehearsed before us,
both being knelt between both our spread legs. Their expert hands now freely
fondled our balls and growing hard cocks through our pants.
in unison our belts were undone and our fly's pulled down and strong
masculine hands reaching in and pulling out both our hard thick cocks and then
the most thrilling of all as I watched uncle Eric's mouth lower and come to
take my cock into his moist and sucking mouth while looking over and seeing
my Timmy's big cock disappearing into my handsome dad's mouth as we both
were sitting there feeding our cock into these handsome men's mouth.
Boundaries nn tiny lolita models had been crossed and taboos violated and at the moment all
I could think of was how wonderful that mouth was on my cock and loliteens 10 y o
how much
I wanted to suck both my uncle and my dad's cock too.
I was taking mental notes on how to better suck cock from what Uncle Eric
was doing to me and mine.The sucking came to a too fast halt as Dad came off of Timmy and said from
his knees." You both have beautiful cocks how about you two show us how you two can
suck a cock?Again they acted as one in standing up and pulling down their pants and
exposing to Timmy and myself two huge thick uncut cocks for us to suck.
Looking now from my Dad's huge cock and then to Uncle Eric's I reached out and
touch hold of Eric's thick massively large cock and the thrill of it in my
hand had me dripping cum already. I looked up to Eric's handsome face and
then back to his massive cock and then lowered me mouth around is cock head.
is cock was I noticed at once so very different then Timmy's Eric's
was thicker in the middle then the head I am talking really thicker in the
middle and my mouth loved riding over the thickness of his middle cock flesh
and wondering how that would feel going into my boy pussy? His precum was
also differently tasting then Timmy's not better or worse of anything just
different. Eric's balls were densely hair and really low hanging and
thick as well.
I went wild and pulled no stops on Eric's massive thick bare cock
and I allowed myself to explore all his body with no shame to me. I was
reaching down and feeling and touching his masculine hairy powerful legs as my
mouth was sucking on his big cock and then reaching down and pushing my
fingers into his socks and feeling his bare feet as Eric was pushing his big
strong bare cock into my mouth and holding my head in place and thrusting
cock. I reached around and to see if he was open to it I was pushing my two
fingers into his ass hole. I was totally and pleasantly shocked when Eric
literally preteen lolita board bbs clapped his Man pussy hole around my two fingers so tightly I knew
then that my Dad had really opened and educated Uncle Eric's man pussy.
I wanted it and wanted to pleasure his man pussy like my own dad had but erot c lolita pic I
was already cuming a massive load of cum all over me and Eric's legs and
Eric was shooting a fire hydrant of his thick cream load of cum into my
mouth."Switch clean ups dad shouted at that very moment and soon I was
pleasantly surprised to learn what that was. Dad pulled out of shooting his massive
load of cum into Timmy's mouth and Eric pulled out of my mouth and the
switched. Now my dad's massive still shooting cum cock head was headed to my
mouth and I welcomes catching the last of his cum load shooting out of his
skin pulled back cock head. In my mouth was now both Eric's cum load and my
own Dad's cum load and I loved having Dad's big ass cock head in my mouth.For a nude child lolli pic picture of Author write stating age for legal reasons. My other
stories on only under authors kevingmjo. Please support
I am at Uncles gay bar second Sunday of each month 2 to 4 PM stop by say
hello. In Philadelphia, Pa.
hug and a pull
Kevin Kelly

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